Bio Gas

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S&K Energy is new established company and a part of S&K Holding Group. S&K Energy is honored to be one of the leading companies in Biogas field as our units are the only one which produces Biogas every 19 hours using TMS bacteria and we are the only holder of this bacteria invention which is produced by our scientific team in our main lab. Our units in addition to this these units production capacity starts with 5,000 M3 and up to 50,000 M3.

The construction of biogas production using agricultural residues or animal wastes with fermentation of these raw materials and add bacteria (TMS) that activate and speed up the fermentation process and resulting the previous amounts of biogas and methane ratio before filtration (86%) After the filtration process reach (97%: 95%).

We are proud to announce that S&K Energy biogas produced by our units is patented from the Egyptian scientific research body institute and registered as the second best invention in the world in 2012 from IIFME international organization, and granted in several countries.

S&K Energy is implementing, operating and running the Biogas units, and supplying the clients with gas according to the client's needs. Now we are aiming to start our new project stated in Bani Swief industrial zone by building 12 units that produces 240,000 M3 daily which you won't find any plants that produces this quantity in the world in daily bases.

Certainly it is important that we produces is environmentally friendly, and we are assuring that all S&K Energy units outputs are useful for the environment and totally safe.
In addition to all the above S&K Energy units can be built in all light and heavy industries in addition to the new cities, villages and farms and supply them all with their needs of gas.
S&K Energy units guarantee you the fastest return on investment as well as it is capable of providing the client with any quantity of gas according to his needs at the lowest cost.

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